Register of Interests

For parish councils, the monitoring officer who is responsible for the council’s register of members’ interests must arrange for the parish council’s register of members’ interests to be available for inspection in the district or borough, and must be published on the district or borough council’s website.

Information concerning a Member's Disclosable Pecuniary Interests and Non Pecuniary Interests can be accessed on the SDC website for the following members:

Cllr Brian Tingley

Cllr Ian Bayley

Cllr Graham Hersey

Cllr Andy Lapham

Cllr Freda England

Cllr Robin Piper

Cllr Lori Monks

Cllr Angel Gomes-Chodyniecki

Cllr Paul Lockey

Cllr Anthony Carrol

Cllr Jessica Guy